PHP Security Issues

Attention to ALL of our customers: As of December 6th, 2018, the latest version of PHP is 7.3. It also is undoubtedly the greatest to date. Versions 5.5, 5.6, even 7.0, have now reached EOL (End of Life) state. It’s a standard part of every release cycle of PHP. Once a certain version reaches its EOL, PHP would cut out the security support ... Read More »

28th Mar 2020
Automatic Invoicing is Back Up

Thanks everyone for having patience while we switched our billing system.  The system is back up.  For this month, recurring payments need to be paid manually for the first time and after that it should be automatically charged to the credit card on file.


Thanks again,

Froggy Hosting Billing Team

4th Sept 2019
Automatic Invoicing is Down

Hi. The invoices for the month of September will not be charged to customers' credit cards automatically. The reason for this is that we are changing our account receivables engine.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Don't pay your invoices manually just yet.  Please wait for the next announcement. Your sites will not go ... Read More »

2nd Sept 2019
New Product: Dedicated Servers

We are happy to announce that as of today we will offering dedicated servers to our customers.  There are four (4) options to choose from:

  1. Basic Servers

  2. Medium Servers

  3. Extended Servers

  4. Extreme Servers
Go to our dedicated servers page and check them out and order!

3rd Aug 2016
New Policy Updates!!

The following policies were updated:

Please check them out.  By using our services you agree with these and all of our policies.


Froggy Hosting

3rd Aug 2016
Western Union / Money Gram Payment Option

We have added the option of paying your invoice by sending money using Western union or Money Gram.  Just select this option from the Payment Method in the invoice and follow the instructions.

22nd Jul 2016
Billing Procedures Policy Update!

We have updated our Billing Procedures Policy. Changes will take effect immediately.Some of the changes include: Collection ProceduresIf your account becomes overdue after the due date you will receive a reminder via email that we have not received your payment. Your account will be suspended after 3 days of being overdue. A minimum late fee ... Read More »

1st Jul 2016

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